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Creating a Joyful Family

    Joyful family life comes from a family culture of gratitude. And joy begets joy. It is a fact of human nature that we move toward what we focus on. That knowledge alone is a significant tool in making important changes in your family life. “Joy springs from a grateful heart.” — Pope Francis, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City Too often, we look for occasions to be offended. And we generally find them. We often expect bad things to happen, sometimes as a means of protecting ourselves from disappointment. But what winds up happening is that we become pessimistic, baffled, disheartened, angry… empty. And that feeling can spread through a family and invade every aspect of life. It is often subtle, leaving us with a vague sense of need. Gratitude changes everything. It changes your point of view entirely. It is like seeing through new eyes. It makes loving – the act of caring for oneself and others – easier, richer, complete. Gratitude allows us to not only love our families more fully, …